What makes our products so special

All our products are artisan made and blended to ensure maximum freshness, we source our olive oil from Italy and our herbs are collected from Spitalfields market once or twice a week.  Our almonds are from California, our pine nuts from Italy and our cashews from India and Vietnam.  Our sea salt is from Maldon which is right around the corner from us, we literally wouldn't use anything else to season up our lovely products.  

Our products are completely plant based with no artificial preservatives or additives.  

The versatility of them is the key, they can be used on their own as dips or condiments, through pasta and gnocchi (obviously), as cooking ingredients such as into stir fries or fresh Asian curries; over roasted vegetables, they totally jazz up a cauliflower, over grilled and roasted meats and fish or just spoon over avocados or eggs for breakfast or brunch..... our days are spent dreaming up ideas of how to use our pesto.  If I told you some of us literally ate pesto for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I would not be lying!